JACK THE RIPPER Evening tour

The year is 1888. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has just published his first Sherlock Holmes story, a street in South London is the first to get electric lighting... In Whitechapel, East London, five women are brutally murdered by the world's first recognised serial killer, JACK THE RIPPER.

We tread in the footsteps of the infamous Jack The Ripper down the dark, narrow, gas-lit alleyways immortalised in such films as "From Hell". We'll follow the case of the unsolved Whitechapel murders that would lead Scotland Yard to Queen Victoria herself.

Led by one of the renowned London Blue Badge Guides, we'll visit four murder sights. Out 'Ripperologist' will run through some of the suspects who sparked a Victorian Whodunit that'll leave you as gripped as its victims.

You will also enjoy a traditional fish and chip supper in one of London's most historic pubs.

Experience the sights, the smells, and the sounds of London's darker side if you dare! Comfortable walking shoes and a strong stomach are strongly recommended for EVAN EVANS' top JACK THE RIPPER TOUR.


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Evening Tour

Friday Saturday and Sunday

Interline rate $49.00

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Evan Evans Office
258 Vauxhall Bridge Road 18:40


Strand Palace Hotel 19:00


Evan Evans Departure Lounge 19:15

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